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(formerly Hoobie) is simplifying social media and allowing users to filter their favorite content in one place. We believe a more transparent social network will help our users build valuable connections and communities all over the world.

Working under both the founder and Head of Product Design, I came onto the team while it was still small. This allowed me exposure to the conception phase, where we were able to take a convoluted concept and bring it to hundreds of marketing students worldwide to test its applicability. I managed the communications and creative aspects of sponsoring this international marketing competition. This included guerrilla marketing tactics, video interviews, social media contests, and user testing. We were able to hit multiple birds with one stone, for example, by asking about the app's functionality in the video interviews. This allowed us to compile greater data and derive better insight into our product design. From prototypes of interactive and instructional videos to working under the design team to alter the mobile application, I took part in many processes.


type of project

  • web + mobile UI

  • advertising campaigns

  • video

  • consulting

  • UX copywrite

  • creative direction

  • advertising

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